Are the skies dark and stormy? As all parents know, nothing is worse than kids being stuck indoors with nothing to do. While you may be tempted to turn on some cartoons or give them your smartphone, there are some fun, easy activities that you can do that don’t involve added screen time.

  1. Pretend Play

Sometimes, the best rainy day activity for kids is to let their imaginations run wild with some pretend play toys. If your kid loves to cook and pretend to be a chef, set them up with the My First Oven and watch as they pick out tasty food, cook it themselves, and serve it up to their toys for dinner. If your child loves to tinker and put things back together, put them in the tool shed with the Tikes Tough Workshop and see what they construct. Or ignite your tike’s curiosity as they pretend to be fairy in the garden with the Fairy Cozy Coupe

Kids are sure to forget the dreary weather when they’re immersed in a world of their own imagination.

2. Pencil-and-Paper Games

From Hangman to Sprouts, pencil-and-paper games are an educational alternative to TV. Gather some pencils and paper, take a seat at the kitchen table and check out some of these classic pencil-and-paper games. Sprouts, Hangman, and Dots are a great way to develop your child’s spelling skills, problem solving abilities, and vocabulary.

3. Play a Board Game

While a board game may seem like a simple solution, it’s a classic for a reason. A board game is a great way to get the whole family engaged. There are so many new, fun board games out there, so you’re sure to find one that is the right level for your kids (while still being exciting for you, too). Board games help kids develop their communication skills and teach them to follow instructions.

4. Get Crafty

Collect everyday items like popsicle sticks, beads, or cardboard from around the house. Gather some glue and markers and let your kids craft to their hearts content. Be by their side to help fill in and piece things together if they need help. 

For more ways to keep your kids engaged and learning, check out all these Little Tikes pretend play toys.

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