Little Tikes Seahorse Symphony


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Little Tikes Baby Seahorse Symphony will keep baby happily busy at home or on-the-go.

When baby’s alert and ready to play, the Seahorse Symphony stimulates with dancing lights, bright colors and upbeat sounds and melodies.

When naptime nears, play the soothing sounds. The easy hook fastens to strollers, car seats, cribs and more for fun at home or on-the-go.



Discover the joy of Little Tikes Seahorse Symphony – a whimsical melody maker designed to captivate and engage your little one’s senses. Dive into the details with the following specifications:

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  • Suitable Ages: 6-36 Months


Sensory Stimulation On-the-Go:

Little Tikes Baby Seahorse Symphony is the perfect companion for on-the-go adventures or soothing play at home. With a range of engaging features, including dancing lights, vibrant colours, and cheerful sounds, this hand-held music toy provides 20+ melodies to stimulate and soothe your baby. The easy-to-use hook allows you to fasten it to strollers, car seats, cribs, and more, ensuring that the Seahorse Symphony can be your baby’s musical companion wherever the day takes you.

Dual Modes for Every Moment:

Adapt the Seahorse Symphony to your baby’s mood with two distinct modes. Enjoy continuous melodies and mesmerising light effects in parent mode that create a captivating environment. Switch to baby mode for melodies paired with motion activation, allowing your little one to interact and engage with the Seahorse Symphony. The colourful light display enhances the visual experience, making it an immersive delight for your baby’s exploration.

Versatile and Safe:

Suitable for ages 10 months and older, the Seahorse Symphony is designed to be a safe and entertaining companion for your baby’s developmental journey. However, please be cautious as it contains small parts and poses a choking hazard. To ensure uninterrupted play, the Seahorse Symphony requires 3 “AAA” alkaline batteries, which are conveniently included.

Elevate Playtime Everywhere:

Little Tikes brings the Seahorse Symphony to life, ensuring that it becomes an integral part of your baby’s playtime routine. With its portable design and versatile hooking mechanism, this musical marvel is ready for fun at home or on the go. Invest in the Seahorse Symphony for an enchanting and interactive musical experience, making it the ideal choice for baby toys available online in Australia. Bring the melodies of joy to your baby’s world today!

Why To Buy The Little Tikes Seahorse Symphony

Immerse Your Baby in Melodic Delight:

Choose the Little Tikes Seahorse Symphony for an unparalleled sensory experience that stimulates and soothes your baby’s senses. This hand-held music toy goes beyond the ordinary, offering 20+ melodies designed to captivate and engage. With its vibrant dancing lights and colourful display, the Seahorse Symphony creates an enchanting environment for your little one. The dual modes cater to different moments—parent mode for continuous melodies and light effects and baby mode for melodies accompanied by motion activation. Whether at home or on the go, this versatile companion, suitable for ages 10 months and older, ensures that a symphony of joy and discovery surrounds your baby.

Versatility Meets Safety:

Elevate playtime with the Seahorse Symphony, a baby toy designed for convenience and safety. The easy-to-use hook lets you attach it to strollers, car seats, cribs, and more, making it a versatile addition to any setting. However, safety is paramount, and while this captivating toy is suitable for ages 10 months and older, please be cautious as it contains small parts. The Seahorse Symphony is thoughtfully designed for seamless integration into your baby’s routine, providing entertainment and contributing to their cognitive and sensory development. With included batteries, this musical marvel is ready to accompany your baby’s adventures. Choose the Seahorse Symphony for a harmonious blend of entertainment, versatility, and safety—making it the perfect investment for baby toys online in Australia.