Clearly Sports™ Bowling

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Score a strike when you bring CLEARLY SPORTS™ BOWLING to your next gathering. This game provides hours of fun, active play! It features colourful balls that make knocking the pins down even more fun. The bright colours teach hand-eye coordination, and there is plenty of sounds to keep kids entertained! The bowling pins have a colourful ball inside them to create noise, so you know when they are hit.

Create a new family tradition by tuning out screens and tuning in to a game with such vibrant splendour!

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Sku: 630408
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Pin height: 20cmH
Ball diameter 27cm
Carton Size: 40cmL x 16.5cmW x 23.5cmH — Weight: 1.2kg

Unleash Indoor and Outdoor Fun: Clearly Sports Bowling Set for Growing Toddlers

Elevate your toddler’s playtime with the Clearly Sports Bowling Play Set from Little Tikes Australia. Crafted specifically with growing preschoolers in mind, this engaging set promises hours of entertainment indoors and outdoors.

Key Features Tailored for Learning and Fun:

Active Energy Burner: Bowling isn’t just fun; it’s a fantastic way for your child to burn off excess energy. Watch as they engage in active play, enhancing physical development while having an absolute blast.

Social Skills Development: Encouraging social interaction and cooperation, this bowling set teaches the importance of taking turns and friendly competition, whether playing with friends, siblings, or parents.

Balance and Coordination: Lining up shots and releasing the ball helps children develop essential balance and coordination skills. Aiming and throwing enhance motor skills, providing endless fun while fostering development.

Dynamic Pin Action: These aren’t your ordinary pins! When struck by the ball, they jump and clatter, adding an exciting and unexpected element to the game, delighting kids with every strike.

Included 7-Piece Set: With 7 thoughtfully designed accessories, each component of this play set ensures safety and engagement, from the pins to the ball.

Versatile Indoor and Outdoor Fun: Rain or shine, this play set ensures the fun never stops. Its versatile design allows kids to enjoy the thrill of knocking down pins no matter the setting.

Little Tikes Assurance: Crafted with durable materials and tested to meet strict safety standards, Little Tikes’ commitment to quality and safety can be trusted by parents.

Why Buy the Clearly Sports Bowling Play Set for Your 2-Year-Old?

Physical and Cognitive Development: This play set isn’t just about knocking down pins; it’s a catalyst for your child’s holistic growth. They’re honing their fine and gross motor skills as they aim, throw, and chase after the ball. The colourful pins capture their attention and encourage early counting and colour recognition. Engaging in a bowling game nurtures hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness, which are essential for cognitive development at this crucial age.

Unleash Their Imagination: Beyond the simple joy of play, this bowling set sparks imagination. Every roll of the ball brings forth a new storyline—a cheering crowd, a championship game, or a victory dance. Encourage your little one’s creativity as they invent their own rules, explore different ways to knock down the pins, and revel in the excitement of imaginative play.

Bonding Moments: Investing in the Clearly Sports Bowling Play Set isn’t just about acquiring a toy; it’s an investment in shared moments. Engage in interactive play, take turns rolling the ball, and celebrate each strike together. It’s not merely a game; it’s an opportunity to foster connections, build memories, and reinforce the special bond between you and your little bowler.

The Clearly Sports Bowling Play Set from Little Tikes isn’t merely a toy; it’s an avenue for holistic growth, imaginative play, and quality bonding time. Invest in a world of fun, learning, and shared joy as your 2-year-old explores the delightful game of bowling.