Clearly Sports™ Bowling



This game provides hours of fun, active play! It features colorful balls that make knocking the pins down even more fun. The bright colors teach hand-eye coordination. The pins have colorful balls inside of them to further enhance the playing experience with sound effects.

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Sku: 630408
Pin height: 20cmH
Ball diameter 27cm
Carton Size: 40cmL x 16.5cmW x 23.5cmH — Weight: 1.2kg

Standout Features

This play set is a perfect addition to any kid’s sports collection, providing hours of enjoyment indoors or outdoors. Set the pins up and then knock them down!


  • Bowling is an energy burner and helps to develop social skills, balance and coordination
  • Ball inside the pins jump and clatter when knocked over
  • 7 accessories included