Sending mail the ole fashioned way will always trump an email. There’s something special about receiving physical mail in this digital age. And while email is the most convenient, what better way to show your loved ones how special they are than making your own Christmas card. Not only are custom Christmas cards original, but they are also 100% personal and fun to make. A perfect activity to get into the holiday spirit and create memories with your own family this Christmas season. With just a few clicks, some decoration, and a little tikes help from Little Tikes let’s bring people together this season with one-of-a-kind Christmas cards that are sure to touch hearts.

So, in the spirit of Christmas, we thought a list (you could check twice), would help organize your thoughts and save some valuable time.

What You’ll Need:

  • Smartphone/Camera
  • Family members
  • Tripod (optional)
  • Photo Paper
  • Printer
  • Photo Corners
  • Blank Cards/Card Stoc
  • Envelopes & Stamps

Step 1:
Get ready by planning outfits and picking locations. This can be tricky, but one way to help simplify this is by agreeing on a theme. Tree farms, snowmen, ugly sweaters, Christmas trees, the beach, newborn’s first Christmas, presents, etc. Use your unique personality and props to take these ideas to the next level and make them you’re own. Things like reindeer antlers, Santa hats, Cozy Coupes Ride On Toys, banners, lights, or pets will really tie it all together.

Step 2:
Taking photos.
Simple backgrounds allow for the center of attention to be focused on the people. Try not to overthink this and get too busy. Try heading out to the garden or park for some outdoor shots or if indoors, use a solid backdrop. Use a tripod and a self-timer if you want to include yourself in the shot. If 10 seconds isn’t long enough for you to stage your photo, try persuading a friend to help you out.

Tip: If you are using camera apps, make sure you have them turned on to the highest quality setting.

Step 3:
Make prints by uploading the images at your local photo lab printing stations or download them to the home desktop and print yourself. A lot of factors affect the way the prints come out, but the most important is the paper and ink quality. When you are ready to print, a dialog box opens allowing you to choose from a number of settings. This may look different for each printer/computer combo, but the basic info is the same.
Make sure you select the kind of paper you are printing on. The dialog box will have options for glossy, matte, or plain paper.

Step 4:
The trick to making a homemade card look professional is choosing a nice, thick paper. Fiber-based drawing paper or textured card stock can be found in the scrapbooking aisle at your local craft store. Kmart also has a great variety of already made plain cards as well. If you plan to print directly on the card, consider the finish of the paper and how it will affect your photo. A matte finish will have less contrast while glossy finishes tend to be shiny with richer black tones.

Step 5:
Get crafty with the way you attach them to your pictures. Use photo corners to slide in pics, or glue them down for more secure placement. Embellish your cards in your own crafty style. Stamps, pens, glitter, and fairy dust- anything goes!

Step 6:
Take your finished cards to the post office to mail then sit back and relax. Enjoy the moment as you think about all the smiles that will be had this Christmas with a touch of crafty, a pinch of love, and a dash of imagination from you, your family, and The Little Tikes Company.

We also want to thank our fans for all the great ideas. Our Pinterest Board is full of adorable ideas that are sure to help you come up with something of your own.
Happy Christmas,

 The Little Tikes Co.

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