Child Development milestones and Little Tikes

One of the main anxieties that parents face is whether their little one is reaching developmental milestones. After you take your baby home and get on with life as mum or dad, you will soon encounter the measurement charts and tests that your Maternal Child Health nurse will carry out with your little one.

The results are recorded in a little green book, otherwise known as your personal child health record. Whilst it can be a useful tool, it can also cause many parents to become concerned that their child isn’t quite reaching their milestones by a certain time.

This is why it is so important to see your child as a unique little individual, with a mind of their own because, more often than not, babies who do not progress as quickly ultimately catch up, meaning that you may have worried about absolutely nothing at all, instead of enjoying being a parent.

Even if it turns out that your baby is experiencing some developmental delay, or health issues, you cannot let anxiety take hold. Instead, you should focus on positive strategies that make you feel in control of your parenting and, more importantly, allow you to enjoy your baby for who they are.

Little Tikes have so many awesome products available to aid in the development for your baby. Products like the Light ‘ Go 3-in-1 Activity Walker, Little Tikes Ball Chase Octopus, and the Tap-A-Tune Xylophone .

Let’s face it, watching your baby gurgle, squeal, laugh, grab, play and progress is a fabulous feeling for any parent and the ultimate award for all your endeavours!

Mother and new born baby.

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